Carytown Teas

Elevation creates new packaging for Carytown Teas


RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (December 13, 2013) — Carytown Teas has taken the best blends from its Salon de The’ and created an exclusive line of loose-leaf teas for the retail market.

“To meet the demand for our exclusive blends, we decided to scale our operations and bring our teas where our clients can easily purchase them,” said Patricia Guillouard Adams, Carytown Teas owner and master tea blender.

“Our nine most popular, signature teas, are now being carried in local Kroger and Ellwood Thompson supermarkets,” said Guillouard.

  • The Black Teas include: Lavender Earl Grey, Pomegranate Black Tea and Queen Elizabeth.
  • Green Teas include: Organic Green Jade, Organic Allegra Jasmine Gold Dragon, and Organic Saipan Hybrid Green Hibiscus.
  • Plus special blends of TiKuanyin Slimming Oolong, Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos and our award-winning Tummy Tonic medicinal blend.

“What is really special about these teas is the quality of the raw materials. All of them are Free Trade Certified and six of the nine are USDA Organic certified. This means you can be sure about the quality of the tea as well as how it was grown.”

The retail packaging expansion is a first for Carytown Teas. “We are very excited about the reactions we have gotten from long-time customers and our retail partners alike,” said Goulliard. “Everyone loves the fact that they can now get our teas while doing their weekly shopping, and everyone thinks the packaging is really fantastic looking and appealing on the self.”

Carytown Teas worked with Elevation Advertising to bring this new line to market, starting with the creation of these new package designs. “The design reflects the quality and character of these fine teas — and just like Patricia herself, they have a uniquely French flare”, said Frank Gilliam, Elevation’s Creative Director on the account. “Teas is a very regional product and it is really all about where the teas are sourced and the blenders’ understanding of the complex flavors and how they come together to create the most satisfying experiences.”

Carytown plans to test the success of the product launch in Virginia and then move into regional and national distribution. Carytown Teas made its debut in the fall of 2006, opening its doors with a wide array of premium tea blends from around the world.

The art of tea blending comes naturally for Patricia Guillouard Adams, the creator and proprietor of CaryTown Teas, born and raised in Paris, France she was schooled by her maternal grandmother from an early age in the culture, art, and traditions of fine tea blending. After traveling the world Patricia moved to New York City where she owned a successful designer fashion boutique. Patricia relocated to Richmond in 2005 to fulfill another dream of hers to create Richmond’s only old world tea shop salon, similar to those she grew up with in France.