Introducing The Tuition Monster

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To help promote Virginia529′s suite of college savings plans, Elevation created an “anti-mascot.” The Tuition Monster is our manifestation of the anxiety, fear and pressure that comes into the lives of parents as they start to consider their children’s futures. Of course, the Tuition Monster is easy to tame—if you’re prepared with a Virginia529 plan. The engaging campaign is already catching a lot of attention. Look for the Tuition Monster to begin making live appearances around the state soon.

Making a Great Impression for MWV

When MeadWestvaco needed to produce a dynamic piece of collateral to demonstrate the quality and flexibility of its line of Tango papers, it turned to Elevation to solve the creative challenge.

The result, which was introduced at the HOW Design Conference in Boston, is a gorgeous, 18-page, spiral-bound brochure packed with over a dozen specialty printing techniques, and several “pieces within the piece”—including POP displays, book covers, direct mail postcards, menus, posters and event tickets.

The Tango demonstration brochure is meant to impress a group of very-difficult-to-impress people: designers. Based on feedback from its recipients, it is a stunning success.

Click the image above to see more of the piece.

Reintroducing Two Premier Communities

Elevation was recently named agency of record for Gumenick Properties, one of the premier builders of homes and apartment communities throughout the Southeast.

One of our team’s first tasks was to reintroduce current and potential residents of central Virginia to two of Gumenick’s top destinations—Monument Square and Grayson Hill.

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The websites above reflect the new brand positioning, look and feel we created for these extraordinary communities. Collateral and other advertising materials related to the developments will also launch soon.

The World’s Most Perfect Roll™

For decades, residents of Virginia have eaten up (literally) White House Rolls—the tiny, delicious, perfect-for-everything roll made famous by Ukrop’s grocery stores. Now, Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods is taking White House Rolls to communities far outside of Virginia, with assistance from Elevation.

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In addition to designing the White House Rolls packaging, we created the new brand positioning, graphic platform, POP and other materials to promote the product. Visit the website above that we developed to support the fast-paced growth for The World’s Most Perfect Roll™.

Watch The Percents

Elevation recently launched a new television campaign for Virginia Credit Union. The spots use humor to focus on the anxiety many consumers feel after taking out a home or auto loan. The solution is for Virginians to check out Virginia Credit Union before they commit—because the credit union offers better rates and a level of personal service that ensures they get a loan they can actually live with.

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Elevation Respects The Lawn

The best work speaks for itself. We hope you’ll enjoy watching these spots for Virginia Green as much as we enjoyed making them.

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